Timothy Comer

School Leader

Educational Administrator

Data Specialist

Educational Technology Specialist

Natural Science Educator

“Kids should be allowed to break stuff more often. That's a consequence of exploration. Exploration is what you do when you don't know what you're doing.” ~Neil deGrasse Tyson, On Literacy, Curiosity, Education, And Being 'In Your Face, February 25, 2010~

About Me

Data Driven Educational Leader Committed to Innovation Through Inquiry


 Tim Comer is Academic Response Team Specialist with the Queens North NYC DOE Borough Office.  As a member of the Academic Response Team, he is responsible for the implementation and management of learning cycles in schools that support the development of systems, structures, and pedagogical practices designed to accelerate student achievement.     As a former STEM educator, Tim specializes in inquiry teaching, project based curriculum development, performance task based assessment, and educational technology integration.  As an instructional leader, Tim has expertise in developing the capacity for teachers to use thinking routines and group collaborative protocols that foster universal intellectual engagement.    Tim is also a capable data leader, with a demonstrated ability to leverage multiple measures of school process and performance to inform decision making and track progress toward goals.  A committed school leader, he is deeply interested in designing systems that promote excellence and equity.   

Tim is also a husband, a father, and a competitive martial artist. 

Inquiry, Technology, & Equity


Tim believes that the primary goal of education should be the development and deepening of student understanding.   Students reveal their understanding most effectively when they are provided with opportunities to ask questions and explore answers to those questions.  Through effective use of technology, students can personalize their educational experience.  By using culturally responsive teaching practices, Tim envisions schools in which all stakeholders learn to act with integrity, increase their resiliency, and respect diversity.


EdxEd Professional Learning Conference


Tim is a cofounder of EdxEd, a professional learning conference for educators run by educators from Hudson High School of Learning Technologies, a public high school in New York City.   Tim is also a board member of Innovating Ed, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering New York City educators and students to create their own innovative and engaging programs for today's modern learners and future global citizens.